“Dr. Patricia Darlington, in my opinion, is the epitome of what Dr. Maya Angelou described as a “Phenomenal Woman.”  Her energy, wit, drive, and zest for life is dynamic and contagious.  After experiencing her seminar(s) or one of her coaching programs you will possess the ‘courage’ to face your fears, and the confidence to ‘take authority’ in all areas of your life.  Be ready for a life altering experience!”

Nannetta Durnell-Uwechue, Ph.D.
Wife, Mother, and College Profess

“I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to take courses with Dr. Darlington last year and it was the most motivational and transformational point of my life.  Dr. Darlington inspired me through sessions of mentoring programs, and truly became a life-coach for me.  I developed a relationship with Dr. Darlington that changed my life and encouraged me to make beneficial changes in my life that have put me on the path I know I was intended to be on.  She is a gifted educator and anyone that has the pleasure of hearing her speak and learning from her wisdom and knowledge will undoubtedly see and feel the positive transformation from the inside out.”

Jennifer Tabshey,M.A.
Account Manager

“One could say Dr Darlington is inspirational, and they would absolutely be correct – but she is SO much more than that… She has served as a pivotal symbol in my life which has led me to many, and great success’. Her bold and daring demeanor has armed me with tools to conquer the highest of mountains

She continues to be the motivating force; reminding me then and now, why social responsibility is not only important but that it is effective and contagious. She is my mother and sister on the one hand in an ambassador to so many who have met her and learned from her. She has gifted me with courage beyond any strength. She is a formidable force to reckon with. She is a phenomenal woman in every way! Her words are powerful, potent and she possesses a charm like no other. People are quick to forget what someone may say or do, but as is true with Dr D – you will never forget how she makes you feel. Her zest for life is unmatched, and abundant. I have worked with mentors such as Oprah Winfrey and Denzel Washington, and have travelled to some of the world’s most exotic locations. However, I am able to be the best me because of this extraordinary woman. Her lessons provide worth and value in any pupil, and I cannot express how grateful I am for the woman she has shaped in me.”

Nikki Miller, B.A.
Former Production Manager for Oprah Winfrey Show, MTV, and VH1

“Patricia Darlington is an inspirational mentor, teacher, advisor and Life Coach.  Her work has driven me to become the community leader that I am today, and has helped me become successful in my career.  I am thankful for her, and attribute many of my achievements to her mentorship.”

Melissa Thompson, M.A.
Claims Representative, Social Security Administration

“Dr. Patricia Darlington is a phenomenal and transforming individual. Her philosophy on life transcends the average and deepens the consciousness of others. Over the years, I have enjoyed Dr. Darlington’s life-long labor of love that she’s shared in her thought provoking books. More importantly, I applaud her personal commitment to changing lives and fostering differencing perspectives. My friend and mentors forward thinking latitude of consciousness continues to be inspiring and motivates others to be their best selves….”

Joe N. Toliver, MBA
CEO and Managing Partner, Dooling Enterprises

“Dr. Darlington’s passionate and inspiring lectures, whether in an    academic setting or in a one-on-one life coaching session, are powerful and transformative.  She not only moves individuals by encouraging unbiased intellectual challenging outlooks but also stimulates a natural curiosity for looking deeper into – and learning more about – all things.   I had the pleasure of traveling to West Africa with Dr. Darlington on one of her many trips, where she presented workshops on the ways women can use their minds to empower themselves. Today, I continue to be empowered by the lessons she imparted to the women of West Africa.”

Paulette Brown Campbell, M.A.
President/CEO, RedemSong, Inc.

“Pat Darlington is one of the most inspiring, transformational leaders I’ve met.  Her encouragement and support throughout the years has been invaluable to me personally and professionally.  She is truly the greatest at what she does!”

Laurie Glover

“Pat (a.k.a. Dr. D) is a catalyst for transformative thought and movement by those lucky enough to be called her students. She is a motivational presenter, facilitator, and teacher who captivates minds with her genuine passion for working with learners of all backgrounds to come together and think. She has an innate ability to take the most complicated concepts and make them available to all who have the opportunity to attend one of her lectures.”

Katie G. Burke | Assistant Dean
Weppner Center for LEAD & Service-Learning, Division of Student Affairs | Florida Atlantic University

“Dr. Patricia Darlington is truly a transformational spiritual leader. She has the ability to inspire others to realize their own innate potential. In time, they too, come to realize their power as spiritual beings. Dr. Darlington’s love for sharing her knowledge with others is a testament of her own true nature. This results in the immeasurable benefits to those who join her on her spiritual journey.”

Lena Hall, Ph.D. | Associate Professor
College of Psychology, Nova Southeastern University