Dr. Pat Darlington

Patricia Darlington, affectionately known by many as Dr. D, spent her entire life learning and unlocking the secrets that can take you on a transformative path to wholeness using the power of your mind.

Her credentials are wide and deep. She holds a PhD in Communication, is a Hoshino therapist, and also a Reiki master. Pat is also a retired Associate Professor of Communication at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL. She has received numerous awards for excellence in teaching and mentoring. There is no greater task to which she has been assigned than to teach the tools that will unlock the secret behind using your thoughts to manifest your greatest outcomes.

She is the author of several books. Her most recent publication is The Revolution: A Transformative Path to Wholeness Using the Power of the Mind. She is also the author of the award winning self-help book, You Can’t Get to Heaven Wearing Tight Shoes: A Book About Personal Honesty. Other publications include: Women, Power and Ethnicity: Working Toward Reciprocal Empowerment, Cultural Minority Representation in Media: A Historic View of Television’s Underserved, The Concise Handbook of Cultural, Political, and Pop Culture Terms, and Communication, Culture, and Community: Exploring and Reintroducing Civic Engagement.

She has presented numerous workshops across the United States, and in West Africa, on the value of diversity, personal empowerment, and the power of women. She works with a large number of clients conducting both one-on-one and group coaching programs in the areas of Life Skills and Self-Empowerment. These sessions are delivered through Pat’s Personal Transformation Programs (PTP).

She claims authority as a teacher through her own experiences with using the power of her mind to create the life she chose for herself, and by helping many others to do the same. She unlocked the secret of the laws of attraction by using her thoughts to overcome tremendous obstacles both physical and financial. She has successfully used these lessons to help others to do the same.

Pat is the mother of three: Bashir, Rolda, and Headley III. She lives in South Florida with her husband Headley II.